CS Services

Community Support (CS)

Community Support Services work with participants to develop independent living skills in the home as well as the community. These skills may include: cooking meals, following a schedule, developing friendships, building leisure skills, accessing transportation, personal budgeting, and a whole host of other skills that support inclusion into the community and the skills to maintain their own home environment. Community Support professionals work in collaboration with a specialist who develops the plan and routinely analyzes the data to ensure adequate progress is being made. Goals are developed in collaboration with the participant and designed to meet their individual needs while including their personal interests. A Community Support Professional serves as a role model, coach, teacher and peer to provide assistance to participants as they learn new skills in a natural environment setting. Community Support services are a direct billing service to be done with the client at home or in the community.


Systematic Skill Building (SSB)

Systematic Skill Building is a service that works with individuals to identify areas of skill deficits that prevent them from being independent and then develop plans to teach those skills. The Systematic Skill Building specialist (SSB) works collaboratively with all team members to implement evidence based strategies for teaching a wide range of skills that may include: personal hygiene, completion of household tasks, cooking meals, accessing transportation, initiating conversation, developing friendships, and community inclusion skills as well as any other skills necessary to be independent in the home and community.

Walk in the park.

Behavior Specialist (BSS)

Behavior Specialists work with participants to reduce destructive and disruptive behaviors that impede their ability to live independently and be fully included in their communities. The Behavior Specialist works collaboratively with caregivers and participants to determine the behaviors of greatest concern and develop a plan to teach skills that can replace the disruptive behaviors. The Behavior Specialist works with all members of the team (participant, family, caregivers, and other staff) to ensure that behavior plans are properly implemented and analyzes the data regularly to ensure that progress is being made.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling (IC)

Counseling Services are provided by Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers or Psychologists. This service provides support to the participant through individual counseling sessions designed to address the needs of each participant and works collaboratively with families and service teams as appropriate. They work on developing the skills necessary to maintain emotional regulation and awareness, effectively communicate their feelings and needs, and providing a setting of compassion. As with other services, counseling is a client-based program that focuses on the individualized needs of the consumer and those concerns that they would like addressed. Within that framework, our clinicians remain committed to utilizing empirically based approaches and strategies with the eventual goal of measurable and meaningful outcomes. Due to the strong empirical evidence, foundation in Applied Behavior Analysis, and usefulness to adult concerns, we highly value perspectives consistent with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. All our clinicians have both met the educational and supervising requirements to sit for the BCBA examination, while pursuing advanced training/certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.