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National and State Organizations for Autism Support

These websites are all national or state organizations for Autism support, awareness, and education. Here you can find information on the Bureau of Autism Services in Pennsylvania that provides training and services statewide as well as ASERT, another PA resource for the commonwealth. In addition, there are links to national organizations that cover topics from evidence based treatments to statistics to helpful resources to plan programming that supports independent living.

Bureau of Autism Services | ASERT- PA Autism | National Autism Center | Center for Autism Research (CAR) | The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Adult Autism Support

The following links were selected to provide you with a wide range of resources related to the transition to adulthood as well as a place to connect with others who are living with Autism or supporting someone who lives with Autism.

Autism Transition Handbook | ASCEND Group | Autism Speaks | Autism Self-Advocacy Network

Independent Living Skills

There are a large number of sites that provide support or instruction in independent living skills. We’ve selected a few as examples for you to look at, including specific topics, resource centers, and assessments. If you know of a helpful site, please message us the link so that we can add it to our page.

Youneedabudget Mobile App | Tasty: Food Videos and Recipes | Best Bites | Hygiene Skills | Successful Independent Living | Essential for Living | Centers for Independent Living

Social and Leisure Skills

Fun is a critical part of life! Listed below are some recreation and leisure activities throughout Pennsylvania, links to specific activities, and the overall importance of recreation and leisure in maintaining a high quality of life. Please send us suggestions for more resources to include.

Uwishunu: Philadelphia Blog About Things to Do in Philadelphia | 5-Minute Crafts (YouTube Channel) | Importance of Teaching Leisure Skills | Outdoor recreation in Pennsylvania | Various Recreation in Pennsylvania

Vocational Support

Building the skills for independent employment can be challenging. We’ve included links to volunteer sites that will match you with opportunities to practice working and help your community at the same time. Additionally, there are links to other services that assist with job training and placement.

Volunteer Match | Community Integrated Services (Employment Opportunities) | Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Evidence Based Treatments

Evidence-based treatments are critical in helping participants develop their skills in meaningful and measurable ways. The therapies listed below have proven successful in helping participants to learn and their success has been measured and reported.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Anxiety Happens | Psychology Today | Contextual Science

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

BACB Website | General ABA information | ABA for Adults

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT and Autism | What is CBT?