Chasity Weber | M.A. Behavior Specialist / Systematic Skill Builder

Chasity brings over 5 years experience to the team, with a background in various clinical and health care roles. She leads some of the largest teams at ACCS and never runs from a challenge. In her off time, she loves camping and spending time with her family.

Dana Schmidt | M.Ed., L.B.S. Behavior Specialist

Dana loves to learn and see others succeed. Her education includes a Master's degree and schooling as a Reading Specialist. She is also a Licensed Behavior Specialist in Pennsylvania. She has worked in schools and in various roles providing Behavioral and mental health services. If you want to see her smile, just ask about her dog!

David Leamer | M.A., L.P.C., C.B.I.S.

Day Butcher| M.S.

Deb Bacon | M.S.

Debbie has a Master's degree in Education from Arcadia University and was a teacher for 25 years in the Lancaster County area. Following teaching she has served as a behavioral consultant to children and adults since 2006. She now provides behavioral services with ACCS in the tri county area, and in her free time she continues educational pursuits; as well as leisure activities with her children and grandchildren.

Debra Johnston | M.S.

Heather Moran | M.A., L.B.S. Behavior Specialist

Heather Moran has a Master Degree in Criminology. She has spent almost a decade in the Behavioral field helping numerous populations with 1:1 interventions. Heather now serves the State College area as Behavioral Specialist.

Ian Lupey | M.S. Behavior Specialist

Ian has earned his Master's Degree in ABA and is working towards further certification in the field. His passion is Environmental Education and he loves to take people out into nature and expose them to a world outside of video games and technology.

Jane Hovan | M.Ed., L.B.S. Systematic Skill Builder

Jane is an alumni of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and was previously a special education teacher for more than 10 years. Her favorite quote is from Keith Richards, "music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life."

Jeff Dickinson | M.S. Behavior Specialist

Jeff has a Master's degree in Elementary Education and was a teacher for 10 years prior to coming to ACCS. He now provides Behavioral services in the Greater Philadelphia area. In his free time, he likes to collect books and read classic literature.

Missy Womack | M.S.

Missy has a Master's Degree in Professional Studies an was a special education teach for about 2 yars. Missy has been an SSB for over an year when you she came to ACCS. Missy provides BSS/SSB services in  the Chester  County area. Missy likes to take pictures and travel in her free time.

Rob Derner | M.A., L.B.S. Behavior Specialist

Rob has a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, is a Licensed Behavior Specialist in Pennsylvania, and continues to pursue additional certifications. He loves to help bring hope to others, seeing how hope can immediately change a person's outlook. His primary focus in life is loving his wife and three children.

Shyree Gonzalez, M.Ed. Behavior Specialist / Systematic Skill Builder / Community Support Professional

Shyree has a M.Ed. In Counseling. She has recently started doing BSS and SSB cases with ACCS. She loves people and enjoys supporting them to become their best selves. In her free time, she is an active leader and member in her church.

Violet Benner | M.S.

Violet has worked with individuals with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities for almost 10 years. At ACCS, Violet provides Community Support and Behavioral Service. In her free time, Violet enjoys yoga, trying new restaurants and visiting new places, and spending time with family and friends.