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Walking along side individuals to motivate and achieve personal goals. Servicing adults under the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) and ID/A waivers including Consolidated Waiver, Community Living Waiver, and Person/Family Directed Support Waiver (P/FDS). 

Direct Support

Building life skills and reaching goals in the home and community.

Behavior Specialist

Using practical approaches to improve challenging behaviors.

Vocational Services

Collaboration towards successful and meaningful employment.


Reflective communication as a context to promote wellness and flexibility.

Direct Care Professional working with adults in the home and community to provide individualized care and guidance as needed. With a helping hand, individuals feel more confident and capable of reaching their goals and working towards independence.

  • Planning community engagement
  • Building relationships
  • Social communication
  • Volunteer


Services include: Community Support (CS) services under the AAW. In Home & Community and Community Support Professional (CPS) provided under the ID/A waivers.

Team Leader and Direct Care Professional creating and implementing goal plans with adults in the home and community. The team works closely to assess, prioritize, and strengthen skills related to daily living.

  • Planning community engagement
  • Maintaining a schedule
  • Building relationships
  • Social communication
  • Volunteer


This service is provided under the AAW only. 

Behavior Specialists identify certain behavior patterns that may obstruct reaching goals and gaining life skills. They work with individuals, their families, and the care team to determine the best plan to break through and replace those behavior patterns. By sticking to a plan, and measuring success, individuals have the tools they need to adopt different behaviors and get closer to independence.

Behavioral Support provided under the AAW and ID/A waivers. 

Our team of Licensed Professional Counselors dedicates one-on-one time to individuals to create a solid foundation of empathy and trust. Building on that trust, we guide individuals to processing feelings, and expressing themselves in healthy ways. Our clinicians collaborate with the care team when appropriate, and help form steps towards independence.

Individual counseling service is provided under the AAW only. Art Therapy is provided under the ID/A waivers only.

Certified professionals trained in ACRE who identify, target, and teach skills necessary for successful and meaningful employment. Creating opportunities for individuals through mentoring entrepreneurship and expanding horizons to gain independence. To discuss work opportunities for individuals, contact ACCS.

  • Job Assessment
  • Job Finding
  • Supportive Employment

Supportive Employment provided under the AAW. Job Assessment, Job Finding, and Job Support provided under the ID/A waivers. 

Vocational services offered through OVR. 

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