Meet The Team

Behavior Support Specialist

Maylene Williams

Maylene is a married woman of 15 years and has two children. Maylene has a master’s degree and has been working in the human services field working with individuals who have disabilities. Maylene’s passion is advocating for others and helping individuals to develop a voice of their own. It is also her passion to help individuals reach their goals and be whom they envision themselves to be. Maylene chose to become a Behavioral Specialist because she felt that this career would allow her to help other individuals to develop their voice, to achieve their goals with or without supports and to provide them with community inclusion. Fun fact before working in the Human services field Maylene had a career as a pastry chef/ cake decorator. Maylene enjoys baking, helping others, spending quality time with her family, loves sports (playing them), listening to music and learning new things.

portrait of Maylene Williams