Meet The Team

CS/ SSB Training Coordinator

Gabrielle Leamer

Gabby Leamer graduated from Cairn University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Special Education with a focus on Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis. She joined the admin team at ACCS in 2020 and has worked in several different aspects over time- she loves to be a resource to the staff at ACCS and to see the success they achieve through serving our consumers in our community. When she’s not working, Gabby spends time taking care of her two young daughters in the Lancaster area while touring local coffee shops with her coffee expert of a husband despite lacking an appreciation for the drink herself. Parenting styles, modern education, impacts of technology, and the Great British Bake Off are all topics you could find yourself talking with Gabby for hours.

portrait of gabrielle leamer