Meet The Team

Direct Care Professional

Demetra Scott Risper

Demetra (Dee) Scott Risper has always had a passion for helping, encouraging, and motivating others by dedicating her time to advocating, lending a listening ear, or helping someone strategize to come up with a solution to an obstacle and continues to do her part in improving the lives of the people around her. Dee is very big on mental health and has done a tremendous amount of work on herself to overcome the obstacles that her ADHD and OCD diagnosis have placed in front of her. For over 10 years, she has also worked with children (including her own) and adults who struggle with meeting the standard of societal norms in many different capacities and plans to continue to do so in some way throughout the duration of her life.

Aside from being passionate about mental health, Dee loves to play video games, spend time with family, as well as operating her DJ business. Dee is also a member of the PRIDE community but hopes to reach ALL people through music to change the wave the rest of the world has been riding for decades. Her intentions are to be as deliberate as possible in displaying that she is supportive of all people and identifying how she can relate to them or learn about what she does not relate to or understand.

portrait of Demetra Scott ripper