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Building Independence

Supporting adults with autism one step at a time.

Services Designed to Empower Adult Individuals

Mission Statement

ACCS strives to educate that every person is unique and has a purpose.

ACCS' Vision

ACCS develops collaborative life plans to give direction, guidance, and models to achieve individualized accomplishments and assist individuals with community inclusion.

ACCS Spotlight: A Most Memorable ACCS Adventure! (Sept 2022)

A bold group of ACCS clients and staff made a big dream a reality this past week when they went white water rafting. Each boat team rallied together to surpass the various obstacles and conditions. Afterward everyone was excited to share their story, let everyone know how brave they were, and how well they used teamwork with one another. ACCS is proud of each participant in this incredible activity. Thanks for making it so memorable!

Our Approach

Life Beyond High School

Caring for and guiding individuals living with autism to accomplishing their own personal goals is the driving philosophy at Applied Counseling & Consulting Services.

Everyone is capable of achieving personal goals. Life does not stop after high school; many families struggle in finding realistic and practical help to continue growth and development into adulthood. ACCS works with adults to target specific needs for long-term development towards activities of daily living in the home and community.


Services Provided by ACCS:

Direct Care

Growth on personal goals and community participation.

Behavior Support

Encouraging positive interactions and active participation.

Vocational Services

Collaboration to gain and maintain meaningful employment.


Promoting wellness through reflective communication.

Specialize in Supporting Others

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